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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  April 29, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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this tampa team early and often. good news for the caps. they get their all-star defenseman mike green. he got hit in the head with a puck in game 5 against new york. unfortunately mike knuble and dennis wideman are still out. i'm lindsey mastis in southeast washington. students at malcolm x elementary school spent a month working on their garden but during spring break it was vandalized, all the plants pulled out. >> i was full of ang refresh. >> it made me so sad. >> reporter: they want their neighborhood to look good so they are getting their hands dirty and replanting hoping for donations. >> me and mom pretty much donate seeds. >> reporter: and this time they want to make sure their gardens can thrive. >> next time we do the garden we are going to, like, put something around here to watch the garden. >> reporter: i'm delia gonclaves outside of the wilson building in downtown washington.
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council member mary shea trying to subpoena exemployee brown to come testify about the mayor's hiring practices but so far he is a no show. >> i had a very hard life. >> reporter: remember our first introduction to this man. >> telling me i'm not a good fit where we have not only learn his name but more about his sketchy past. his job was a political favor. now it seems when brown's feet are held to the fire he is done talking. >> a little curious of his behavior as well. we will try to serve him. we are going to persist and make that effort. and then if he doesn't come after a subpoena we will enforce that in court. $4 a gallon for gas has a lot of us crying but one group is cheering. the folks who are the proud new owners of electric vehicles. bruce leshan reports on the government's efforts to convince more people to kick
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the gas pump habit. . >> reporter: north capital street for the plug in chevy volt. >> here you have the gas tank. >> and then moving forward here you have the plug. >> reporter: the 2012 plug-in toyota prius. >> i can go a whole week using one gallon of gasoline. >> reporter: even a plug-in ford suv. >> i don't know who wouldn't want one of those. >> reporter: local governments are trying to figure out what kind of infrastructure they need to build to get more people to plug in. already a handful of fast charging stations have gone up around the region but advocates say they need more. >> rest areas. that would be equipped with charging stations. public parking garages with charging stations. >> can i plug it in at work. >> reporter: some employers are actually giving away electric fuel for free. others are installing credit card charging stations. >> you mean my boss is going to pay for all my electricity?
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>> no, no. >> with the danger that high gas prices will throw the country into another recession. >> reporter: if everybody in your neighborhood gets an electric vehicle and plugs is in at the same time, will it blow out the power on your block. >> there might be an issue so you would want your utility to know to put a bigger service in there. >> reporter: in montgomery county there are 200 people on a waiting list for chevv volts. >> i have more customers than i have cars. >> reporter: in dc, bruce leshan. >> that volt will go 40 miles on electric before gas kicks in. one man says the electricity costs him about 85 cents. when was the last time you paid 80 cents for a gallon of gasoline. speaking of your gasoline. monika samtani with your time saver traffic. i'm looking at a green light thinking it is not too bad. >> it is not too bad although it was pretty bad earlier. things cleared out really nicely. i'll prove it to you. first of all here is what it
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looks like at the american legion bridge. it did not look like this an hour ago. much better. both loops of the beltway crossing the potomac here. northbound side of 395 things look good. southbound 395 and 95 are pretty much cleared out as well and now let's take you over to a map. if you're planning to head into the district remember the caps play the tampa bay lightening tonight. increased traffic around the verizon center and chinatown and sea of red around the area. back to you, derek. >> thank you, monika samtani. national weather service confirms seven tornadoes ripped through virginia on wednesday and thursday. and it killed five people. nationwide the death toll is up to 318 people. 228 of them in alabama alone. well today, president obama went to tuscaloosa to see that damage firsthand. he is promising the residents there the government will help them to rebuild. one woman turning to the internet to help people recovering from the storm. patty set up a facebook page calling it pictures and
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documents found after the april 27, 2011 tornadoes. and so far she has found a pregnant woman's ultrasound photo. some family photos. part of a birth certificate. even a mortgage note. of the almost 600 pictures she has already posted about 40 of them have been identified. some of them came from smithsville, mississippi. more than 100 miles away. yesterday we showed you the picture of a funnel cloud at the longwood university in farmville, virginia. and chief meteorologist topper shutt expressed a few doubts as to how authentic that actually was. topper, we looked at it some more. what did you find out. >> reporter: we find out. it was actually four pictures taken on campus all by different cameras, by different people. let me go back to that picture. go to the computer if you will. this was actually taken by a photography student. this is pretty cool. i think she maybe has a little calling. this is from amelia perry taken on the campus and that is the farmville tornado. one of the seven that were confirmed in the state of virginia. if you want more information on that go to our website
7:06 pm click on my blog. i listed about three of the tornadoes and the damage. so that is a fantastic picture, amelia. nice job. thank you for sending it in. here is the deal. tornado averages. we averaged 110 in april for the nation. wednesday we had 211 alone. annually average 1000. we are going to break the record for april no doubt about that. that will be knocked down. that is a preliminary report but still a phenomenal weather day on wednesday and thursday. not in a good way. temperatures right now low 60s downtown. upper 50s in the suburbs. just a few clouds pushing through. that will give way to clear skies tonight. in fact, for tonight, clearing and little bit on the chilly side. low temperatures 42 to 52 winds north westerly at 10. we will come back and take you all the way through the weekend, derek. just one little flow in th oint. t.ntment.
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opponents suing to stop the government from paying for work claiming that the research is a form of abortion for embryo research. researchers are hoping one day they will cure dozens of diseases and ailments. come november voters in san francisco may decide whether circumcision should be banned in the city. supporters of the measure say they have enough signatures to get this question on the ballot. their proposal would make it a misdemeanor to perform a circumcision on any any men at age 18. right now 80% of the men in this country have had circumcision done. there are some pros and cons and it is not essential to a young boy awell being. what do you think about this one? should circumcisions be banned? what about religions that require male children to have
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circumcision done. join our conversation on our facebook page or e-mail me at circumstances and flower girl who stole the show. we will take look at the royal wedding. but first, we will tell you why the space shuttle is still on the ground tonight and when nasa may try to get it out of here. that's up next.
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and that is the space shuttle endeavour. why is it not in space? it is still on the launch pad because they had to cancel the the launch after finding some sort of mechanical problem with one of the shuttle heaters. endeavour is the second to last launch for the shuttle program and nasa says it is hoping to try it again on monday. well after two rounds laden with complaints the folks over at the arlington cemetery want to try to get the word out about their next set of gunfiring exercises. monday morning the army's presidential salute battery will conduct training exercises between the hours of 6:30 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. the group exercises earlier this month drew a lot of complaints in south arlington and in dc. folks didn't feel the army did a good job of getting the word out beforehand. still ahead topper is back with the all important weekend forecast and says there is one fly in the ointment. we will find out what that is.
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prescriptions that are fun finished. can't dump them down the drain. we will tell you how to get rid of them next. oñ
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back on 9news now. tomorrow is national prescription drug take back day meaning the federal drug enforcement administration is teaming up with state and local agencies to take back unwanted or expired medications. there are 13 sites in dc. 81 in maryland and 20 in northern virginia and you can
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see them all. at click on health news. rounds 2 an 3 of the nfl draft are getting underway tonight and the redskins just made their second draft choice. but we have some breaking news on the entire nfl. kristin berset with the story. >> the circus continues with the lockout. the nfl owners got a victory, albeit maybe a temporary one, in the ongoing labor battle. within the last hour the eighth circuit court of appeals in st. louis have granted the nfl's request for a temporary stay. now, this reverses u.s. district judge susan nelson's decision to lift the lockout. and i saw on twitter a lot of the players not very happy about this one as you can imagine. as of right now there is no word from the nfl if or when the lockout will resume. of course that all came right in the middle of the second and third round of the draft that continued today. the redskins had the 9th pick
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and once again they went defense. they chose jarvis jenkins out of clemson. talking to reporters jenkins said it was a total surprised getting picked by the redskins. now he had 114 tackles at clemson, four tacks in four years and one forced fumble. he played defensive end and defensive tackle for clemson but after talking to the redskins he said he will play nose tackle. the draft goes on. one more pick in the second round. >> we will look forward to hearing what the redskins do next. moving on. if a good friend of yours is being battered in an abusive relationship your first advice might be leave the guy but what about your second advice? in tonight's friday's hero's, a group that knows how to hold a victim's hand and how to hold abusers accountable. wanting to help the victims of domestic violence is one thing. >> i want you to come up with a
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key element of crisis intervention. >> how you hanle it will determine how they deal with the response. >> reporter: a crisis intervention class put on by the dc coalition against domestic violence. the organization is going all out helping people being battered by people that claim to love them. >> we want them to have a supportive place to go and to be able to access the resources they need. >> reporter: if someone is being abused and reaches out for help, in other words, there is someone there that knows what they are doing. the director says everyone from cops to volunteers attends these seminars and one of the first things they learn is not always the right answer. >> what people don't think about is the fact that this person loves their abuser, their batterer, this is someone they have fallen in love with. they also don't think about the fact that there are economic strains. >> reporter: while these women are all getting educated on how
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to handle domestic violence the executive director says if you want to see the problem get better it has to be more than a women's issue. >> when you see a bad argument on the street, when you see somebody fighting with their girlfriend we need you to jump in and tell them to stop and say that it is not okay. >> reporter: now, that can be scary but she says abusers tend to think that every man does it so until they know better there is still much to be done. >> last year here in the district we had 32,000 calls made to the metropolitan police department around domestic violence and we only have a population of 600,000. so those are incredible numbers. >> reporter: and those seminars are a key resource for people that work with victims of abuse. the gannett foundation provided a grant to help them with their mission. i have been excited all week because the weekend has been looking so very nice. please don't tell me you are changing anything about the forecast. >> nothing radical. just a little tweak if you will. just a little tweak on sunday. >> tomorrow looking
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spectacular. let's talk about temps. i would grab a light jackets. temps in the low 60s downtown. plenty of 50s in the burbs. 55 up in gaithersburg. 57 in frederick. 59 in leesburg. and still in the low 60s in manassas and one of the warmer spots still 66 in fredericksburg. got to point this out. 43 in oakland right now. it was 37 at 3 p.m. nice weekend. chilly tonight. again, might need a light jacket. more sun tomorrow than we saw today. probably more sun on saturday than we will see on sunday. sunday looking okay. showers returning by monday. perhaps even thunderstorms by monday. clearing and a bit chilly. 42 to 52. winds light out of the northwest at about 10. in fact, downtown we are looking at temps low 50s. plenty of 40s in the burbs. 45 in rockville. 45 in fairfax. 47 in bowie. tomorrow morning, mostly sunny, a cool start. light jacket not a bad idea if you get up early enough. temps in the 40s and 50s. then by afternoon mostly sunny
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and pleasant. grab your shades. highs around 70. winds light out of the north at about 10. that's a pretty good deal actually. here is your day planner. 42 to 52 by 7 p.m. in the 60s by noon. but plenty of sunshine. upper 60s to low 70s by evening. next three days. here is a little -- not a radical change, derek. we had the clouds in yesterday for sunday afternoon and evening. a drop in i put in. if showers it will be after sunset. have showers and thunderstorms on monday and low 70s. next seven days. tuesday start out okay. and rain comes in our showers come in late 66. a chilly rain on wednesday. only 58. then we are back into the upper 60s on thursday at around 70 on friday and lots going on this weekend. festival tomorrow and sunday. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. open house at maryland tomorrow. and they have got the red and white spring football game tomorrow at maryland at 3:30 p.m. i'll be at the point-to-point in middleburg on sunday.
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>> tomorrow looking really nice. spectacular. that's what we like to hear. weird news file. we love to do those stories about folks who seek cherished figures an mundane objects like the virgin mary in -- that see figures and mundane objects. this is the face of the late elvis presley. he was carved that way on purpose. he has done jones from pirates of the caribbean. dragon. skulls. all sorts of things. he does it with a tooth pick and a spoon. he has got to work fast. after he is done he clicks a photo then he eats his work because you've got to know if it is made out of a banana it is unlikely to stand the test of time. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag. the address 9news now will be right back. wo
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folks all over the world had their eyes on england this morning where prince william an kate middleton became the duke
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and duchess of cambridge. anybody who saw my let's be real commentary already know how i feel about the royal nuptials. check out the reaction in the lefthand corner as the royal couple took to the balcony for the famous kiss. this 3-year-old girl seems to be ruling the internet as the frowning flower girl. the royal wedding as i said last night highly unlikely that yourss truly crawled out of bed. i watched the wedding since i have out of bed anyway. we have to remember the u.k. is a country steeped in traditions. we have to realize this was definitely a boom to their economy. it was joyous.
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for a happy event. could that occur here? i wonder? sure it could, deb. it is called the redskins in the super bowl. not everybody happy with this morning's wall-to-wall wedding coverage. listen to someone named gady. i woke this morning to every major station showing the royal wedding. is this the united states or have we been invaded. i even woke up at 5 a.m. to get a jump on the news and weather. is our local news not important enough to show any more? what should i do? what you should do my friend is just change the channel. there are 500 of them. some of them were not showing the wedding. on the wusa face book page lots of reaction to a question i asked yesterday about whether we ought to have more tornado warnings in place around here. sam mcneil writes i would say text messaging and phone calls but at night phone calls are definitely better because i'm not going to wake up to a text
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message. sandra lynn says get proactive. the simplest is a noah radio. thanks for that sandra and thanks all of those that joined the conversation. my e-mail is always the conversation already started on the 9news now facebook page. i will be back at 11 p.m. tonight with anita brikman. don't forget, is always there. bye-bye. captions by: captio [ male announcer ] with the most branches and atms
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most-watched entertainment news magazine in the world. >> there's the kiss! and the crowd is going crazy. >> there they are, the bride and groom. >> "entertainment tonight" at the wedding of william and kate. >> nancy o'dell, mary hart and jane seymour. >> i catherine elizabeth, take thee william arthur philip louis -- >> england's future king and his beautiful bride. billions watching with tears in their eyes. kate's convertible ride with william at the wheel. what only our cameras caught. okay. how was it? [ cheers ] the vows, what william whispered. the bridesmaids and best man. the tribute to diana.


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